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Pet Care Plans

Caring for your pets can be an expensive business, between food, wormers, tick prevention and vaccinations—and that’s only if nothing goes wrong!

What is a Pet Care Plan?

A Pet Care Plan is a budgeting tool that can be tailored to each family. For a small fortnightly or monthly payment (starting from as little as $11 per fortnight) you can cover the year’s flea & tick control, worming and vaccinations all in easy instalments – no need to try to save hundreds for the yearly vaccination and heartworm injection.  Plans can incorporate individual pet’s needs for example prescription food or dentistry.

What are the benefits?

  • Signing up will ensure your pet has the best available protection against parasites and disease
  • One bonus free consultation OR two free nail clips per year (*only available when annual vaccinations included in the plan)
  • It helps you to control your finances and save money for the more enjoyable things in life!

How does it work?

The  Pet Care Plan works by a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the parasite control products that suit your pet’s needs. This includes protection against intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas and paralysis ticks.
  2. Choose your vaccination protection level (e.g. F3 or F5 for cats, C3 or C7 for dogs).
  3. Select your direct debit frequency—can be monthly, fortnightly or weekly and sign your agreement

Then it is just a matter of popping into the clinic to grab your products whenever required.

Reminders via SMS can be set-up if requested to prompt when pets are due for the next dose.

Interested? Then schedule a call-back from one of our team via the online booking portal or by emailing